Ariana Grande Hairstyles
How does Ariana straighten her hair? Like, does she do the keratin treatment or something? I was just wondering because I have naturally curly hair like Ariana and I straighten it ( using heat protectant of course) every 4 to 5 days and I'm getting tired of it! Love your blog!! :}

Omg I was wonder the same thing! I’m african american so my hair is super curly too and I was wondering how she got her hair so straight! So I did some research and I found this picture of her at the pool and her hair was wet, but it was straight. So I think she somehow straightened her hair permentaly. I also read somewhere else that when she colored her hair somehow it made her hair straight! But honestly I have no idea how it got straight. But I definetly think you shoukd try the brazillian keratin treatment! Make sure its right for your hair first though!